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Empirical Evaluation of Content Security Policy (CSP) on Real Web Applications

Ashar Javed -

TTPCookie - Privacy-Preserving Third-Party Cookie Management System: A Firefox Extension

Ashar Javed -

Web Mashups Security: A Survey

Ashar Javed -

M. Sc. Ashar Javed

On Cross-Site Scipting, Fallback Authentication and Privacy in Web Application

Jörg Schwenk - 07.2015


Dipl.-Ing. Vladislav Mladenov

On the Security of Single Sign-On

Felix C. Freiling - 06.2017


Differences of SSL/TLS versions

Christopher Meyer -

Automatic Penetration Test Tool for Detection of XML Signature Wrapping Attacks in Web Services

Juraj Somorovsky -


Dipl.-Math Christoph Bader

On the possibility of tight reduction on cryptography

Jörg Schwenk - 06.2015


M. Sc. Christian Mainka

On Message-Level Security

Joachim Posegga - 03.2017


Implementation of an XML Encryption Plugin for WS-Attacker

Christian Mainka, Juraj Somorovsky -

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