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Single-Sign-On: TLS-Unique

Vladislav Mladenov -

Empirical Evaluation of Content Security Policy (CSP) on Real Web Applications

Ashar Javed -

TTPCookie - Privacy-Preserving Third-Party Cookie Management System: A Firefox Extension

Ashar Javed -

Web Mashups Security: A Survey

Ashar Javed -

Automatic Penetration Test Tool for Detection of XML Signature Wrapping Attacks in Web Services

Juraj Somorovsky -


Implementation of an XML Encryption Plugin for WS-Attacker

Christian Mainka, Juraj Somorovsky -

[ws-attacker] [xml-enc-asymmetric] [xml-enc-symmetric]

Sicherheitsanalyse von OAuth 2.0

Vladislav Mladenov -

Intelligent and Fully-Automatic Detection of Denial-of-Services Weaknesses in Web Services

Christian Mainka -


New Attacks on XML Signatures in WS-Attacker

Christian Mainka, Juraj Somorovsky -

[Attacks] [WS-Attacker]

Security Implications of DTD Attacks Against a Wide Range of XML Parsers

Christian Mainka, Vladislav Mladenov - 10.2015

[Thesis PDF]