Abgeschlossene Abschlussarbeiten

Dipl.-Inform. Jörg Helbach

Eingrenzung des Secure Platform Problems bei Internetwahlsystemen mit Hilfe von Code Voting

- 11.2010


Dipl.-Ing. Mario Heiderich

Towards Elimination of XSS Attacks with a Trusted and Capability Controlled DOM

- 05.2012


M.Sc. Juraj Somorovsky

Insecurity of XML-Security

Jörg Schwenk - 06.2013


Attacking Browser Extensions

Mario Heiderich -

Dipl.-Ing. Christopher Meyer

20 years of SSL/TLS Research - An analysis of the Internet's Security Foundation

- 02.2014


Blended Attacks versus the web

Mario Heiderich -

Dipl.-Ing. Florian Feldmann

Binding Credentials-Securing SSO Authentication-

Jörg Schwenk - 07.2015


Dipl.-Math. Florian Bergsma geb. Giesen

Modeling and analyzing cryptographic real-world Protocols

Jörg Schwenk - 11.2014


Anaylsis of Java based PRNG implementations

Christopher Meyer -

Single-Sign-On: TLS-Unique

Vladislav Mladenov -