Evaluating the Impact of Transmission Power on QoS in Wireless Mesh Networks

Andreas Noack, Patrick-Benjamin Bök, Sebastian Krück

IEEE ICCCN 2011 Workshop on Context-aware QoS Provisioning and Management for Emerging Networks, Applications and Services - ContextQoS 2011, Hawaii, Juli-August 2011 (to be published)


Wireless interference is a natural problem of single radio Wireless Mesh Networks (WMN) that operate on a shared medium. Noise induced by simultaneously sending nodes within the same transmission range leads to less throughput and a higher latency. Reducing the transmission power implies less interference on the medium, but also less robust links. Therefore finding an optimal transmission power level may be one solution to increase the efficiency of single radio WMN. We analyze the impact of transmission power control (TPC) on wireless interference within a real testbed environment, and show that transmission power control leads to a better throughput and latency.

Tags: Interference, Performance, Transmission Power Control, Wireless Mesh Network