Evaluation of Cross-Protocol Attacks


Supervision: Marcus Brinkmann, Robert Merget, Juraj Somorovsky

Start date: sofort

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In typical web scenarios, a web browser communicates with an HTTP server. The features implemented in the browser and a web server allow the communication partners to exchange sensitive data. For example, the cookies are secured with specific security flags or the requests are secured with CORS. However, what happens if the browser is redirected to an SMTP or an FTP server and unknowingly sends them confidential HTTP data?

The goal of this work is to analyze the browser/server behavior and their vulnerability to cross-protocol attacks. In these attacks, the adversary forces the user browser to send requests to a non-HTTP server and attempts to steal the confidential data. This could allow him to receive cookies or execute javascript (XSS) in the context of the website.

Example of a vulnerability: http://bugs.proftpd.org/show_bug.cgi?id=4143

This work can be performed as a bachelor or a master thesis.


Erfolgreicher Abschluss der Vorlesung Netzsicherheit 2. Erfolgreicher Abschluss vom Hackerpraktikum oder praktische Erfahrungen zu XSS.