Attacking the FAX Machine


Supervision: Jens Müller

Start date: now

Duration: 6 month

More details: [1] [2]


Fax is a legacy technology but still widely supported by cooperations, public authorities or services, e.g. in the health care sector. Fax machines process confidential information such as business contracts or patient identifiable data. Nowadays, fax devices and MFPs are actually embedded computer systems, often running a variant of Linux. In the past, firmware modifications attacks have been shown for printers [1] and other embedded devices [2] which raises the question of the security of fax machines.

The goal of this the­sis is to systematically test a fax device's firmware update procedures and countermeasures against malicious firmware.


  • Selbstständiges Arbeiten
  • Kenntnisse im Bereich Reverse Engineering und Firmware Analyse
  • Die Ar­beit soll­te in eng­li­scher Spra­che ver­fasst wer­den