course: Master Seminar Network and Data Security

teaching methods:
computer based presentation
responsible person:
Prof. Dr. Jörg Schwenk
Prof. Dr. Jörg Schwenk (ETIT), Dr.-Ing. Marcus Niemietz (ETIT), M. Sc. Dominik Noß (ETIT)
offered in:
winter term and summer term

dates in winter term

  • kick-off meeting: Tuesday the 08.10.2019 from 14:15 in ID 04/413
  • seminar Tuesdays: from 14:15 to 16.45 o'clock in ID 04/413

dates in summer term

  • kick-off meeting: Tuesday the 02.04.2019 from 15:00 in ID 03/471
  • seminar Tuesdays: from 15:00 to 16.45 o'clock in ID 03/471


Form of exam:seminar
Registration for exam:None
continual assessment


The participants can find, procure, understand and evaluate technical and scientific literature.


Note: There are no more seminar topics available.

The students will work with selected scientific topics in IT security with relevance to network and data security.

Preliminary schedule

  • 26.03.19 - 01.04.19: apply for a topic at
  • 03.04.19, 13:00: kickoff meeting in ID 2/168 (attendance required)
  • 29.04.19, 23:59: hand in the exposé
  • 27.05.19: hand in the preliminary version
  • 24.06.19: hand in the final version
  • 01.07.19: Final presentation in ID 2/168 (attendance required)

Please note: attendance cannot be certified separately. The results are directly transmitted to the examination office. If you have questions to your topic, please contact your assigned supervisor directly.

Written Essay: You can use the template at


The goal of the seminar is the presentation of a scientific publication. You can choose from a preselected list of suitable topics.

Your task is to thoroughly understand your topic and to create a comprehensive summary. The relevant basics must be presented if necessary for the understanding.

The assignment of seminar topics is centralized with the other chairs of our faculty at: After you have received your topic, please hand in a two-page exposé before the deadline stated above.

The final text version shall be of:
  • 12 pages for bachelor students
  • 15 pages for master students
  • 30 pages for topics which are joint work of two students

There is a deadline for a preliminary version of you work. You will receive feedback based on this version from your supervisor. The feedback must be implemented in your final version. All further coordination will be discussed with your supervisor.

The final presentation must be 20-30 minutes and is followed by questions from the audience. Slide layout and language (EN/DE) can be chosen at will. Please hand in your slides in the PDF file format. Powerpoint and others will not be accepted.

Attendence is required:
  • for the kickoff meeting
  • for the final presentation.

THERE ARE NO WEEKLY MEETINGS. This course consists takes place in one day at the end of the semester.



recommended knowledge

Basic knowledge of cryptography, network and data security


sample solutions: