Dipl.-Math. Marcus Brinkmann

  • Research Assistant - Chair Network and Data Security


Ruhr-Universität Bochum
Lehrstuhl für Netz- und Datensicherheit
Universitätsstraße 150
D-44801 Bochum

ID 2/461
(+49)(0)234 / 32 - 25030
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Raccoon Attack: Finding and Exploiting Most-Significant-Bit-Oracles in TLS-DH(E)

Robert Merget, Marcus Brinkmann, Nimrod Aviram, Juraj Somorovsky, Johannes Mittmann, Jörg Schwenk - 30th USENIX Security Symposium, August 11–13, 2021, Vancouver, B.C., Canada

Mitigation of Attacks on Email End-to-End Encryption

Jörg Schwenk, Marcus Brinkmann, Damian Poddebniak, Jens Müller, Juraj Somorovsky, Sebastian Schinzel - ACM CCS 2020 - November 9-13, 2020

Mailto: Me Your Secrets. On Bugs and Features in Email End-to-End Encryption

Jens Müller, Marcus Brinkmann, Damian Poddebniak, Sebastian Schinzel, Jörg Schwenk - 8th IEEE Conference on Communications and Network Security (CNS 2020)

“Johnny, you are fired!” – Spoofing OpenPGP and S/MIME Signatures in Emails

Jens Müller, Marcus Brinkmann, Damian Poddebniak, Hanno Böck, Sebastian Schinzel, Juraj Somorovsky, Jörg Schwenk - 28th USE­NIX Se­cu­ri­ty Sym­po­si­um (USE­NIX Se­cu­ri­ty '19)

Re: What's up Johnny? – Covert Content Attacks on Email End-to-End Encryption

Jens Müller, Marcus Brinkmann, Damian Poddebniak, Sebastian Schinzel, Jörg Schwenk - 17th International Conference on Applied Cryptography and Network Security (ACNS 2019)

Extended Affine and CCZ Equivalence up to Dimension 4

Marcus Brinkmann - A complete classification of all vectorial boolean functions in up to dimension 4, up to extended affine and CCZ equivalence. Work done as part of my diploma thesis in 2008, and since then cited as personal communication.

STEED — Usable End-to-End Encryption

Werner Koch, Marcus Brinkmann - White Paper, g10code GmbH

On the classification of APN functions up to dimension five

Marcus Brinkmann, Gregor Leander - Des. Codes Cryptogr. (2008) 49: 273.

A Critique of the GNU Hurd Multi-Server Operating System

Neal H. Walfield, Marcus Brinkmann - ACM SIGOPS Operating Systems Review, Volume 41 Issue 4, July 2007, pp. 30-39

Classification of Almost Perfect Nonlinear Functions up to Dimension Five

Marcus Brinkmann - Diplomarbeit an der Fakultät für Mathematik Ruhr-Universiät Bochum.