Same-Origin Policy Evaluation

Supervision: Christian Mainka, Marcus Niemietz
Start date: Ab sofort

On Constructing Low-Latency Key Exchange

Supervision: Sebastian Lauer
Start date: ab sofort

Security Analysis of XML Parsers

Supervision: Christian Mainka, Christopher Späth
Start date:

Practical Attacks on Gridcoin

Supervision: Martin Grothe, Juraj Somorovsky
Start date: Im­me­die­t­e­ly

The Issue of NoScript and Trusted Domains

Supervision: Mario Heiderich
Start date: nach Vereinbarung

SVG und die Risiken von Meta-Dateiformaten und Chamäleons

Supervision: Mario Heiderich
Start date: Nach Vereinbarung

Single-Sign-On: TLS-Unique

Supervision: Vladislav Mladenov
Start date: sofort

New Attacks on XML Signatures in WS-Attacker

Supervision: Christian Mainka, Juraj Somorovsky
Start date: sofort

An Evaluation for WS-Security Policy Selection Methods

Supervision: Abeer El­sa­fie
Start date: Immedietely

Secure Collaborative Editing Using Browser Based WYSIWYG Editors

Supervision: Dennis Felsch, Vladislav Mladenov
Start date: immediately